Poze cu Luna

Avand un zoom de 30x mi-am pus la incercare aparatul pe celebrul astru, Luna. Chiar am fost impresionat sa observ calitatea foarte buna a pozelor si claritatea lor.

the moon at 4 p.m :


My first photo experience

I am quite new to photography though I have always been drawn to it. I recently bought an HS10 and have been experimenting with it a bit, as suggested by the FujiFilm forum and others. Initially, I wanted to purchase a SLR Camera, but a friend advised me to start with a bridge camera and upgrade to DSLR after having acquired some experience. So, after two perfectly unsuitable days, rainy and awfully windy, this Friday I could finally try out my camera with a ‘nature photo shoot’. It was quite a cold morning (-7°C) but I managed to find some wildlife and snap a few photos. Here are (some of) the results:

Waiting for food

I continued my walk along the river  and i spotted a woman feeding the gulls .

Free breakfast

Then  I  climbed on a local hill to find some forest birds . I found some..but those birds were so dynamic that i barely took a few photos .


and other city-friendly birds :

then this duck :